Clean Candle Company

The candles made at Clean Candle Company are small batch, hand poured soy candles made on the family farm where the owner, Erin Nelson, grew up. Her studio is the same one her mother has worked from since 1992 and where she used to play, draw and paint as a child.

Erin’s mom, Angie, began making soy candles for her handmade and vintage shop in 2010 and they quickly took on a life of their own. Early in 2016 the two women decided to rebrand the candles and the Clean Candle Company was founded with Erin being the sole owner.

Erin’s pure soybean candles hold more fragrance than paraffin candles and are a safe alternative. They burn cleaner, longer and evenly from top to bottom.

Clean Candle Company uses the purest soy wax available with no additives, all cotton wicks and fragrance oils specifically formulated for soy wax…most of them infused with essential oils.

All of Clean Candle’s fragrance oils are Phthalate free. Their suppliers adhere to the strict RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) standard regarding fragrance safety making our candles non-toxic to skin or breathing when used according to directions.  

About the Owner/Candle Maker

Erin first began making candles early in her pregnancy, building a business that would allow her to be a work at home mom. She has created her own brand unique to blend trendy and modern with farmhouse and rustic. Erin has never considered herself a ‘creative type’ like her artist mother- until the candle making began. Now this small venture has grown into a successful, sustainable business that allows Erin to work in between playtime with Grayson.