Welcome to our New Website and Blog

I’m excited to be in my 6th year making soy candles and just as excited to announce that my daughter is joining me this year. As we begin our new partnership, we felt like we should also give the candle line it’s own brand rather than letting it continue to ride the coattail of my studio’s name.

When I began making soy candles in 2010, I started with a few fragrances for my handmade and vintage shop. They were a nice item for my customers to pick up as a gift or as a treat for themselves.

Several years flew by and I was making candles regularly, not only for my customers but for other shop owners too. My candles had taken on a life of their own!

Along with our new partnership, we feel that it’s a great time to rebrand and expand the line in several new directions.

Our spring line of 9 fragrances will be announced next week for pre-order. They will be available the week of March 14th online and locally, at the studio on Saturday March 19th.

On April 2nd, we’ll be part of a wedding tour in Lexington with samples of our wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, groomsman gifts and honeymoon sets. More on this soon!!

As we progress towards summer, we’ll be releasing a new collection like we’ve not yet seen anyone else doing…we’re super excited about this one!…and in June, our summer collection will be available and we’ll be elbow deep in wedding season.

Thank you to all of our current customers for your continued support! Thank you to all of our new and potential customers for getting to know us here. We surely hope you will try out a candle or two. We know you will love them!

See you soon! ~ Angie


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