Summer is (Almost) Here!

Sneak peek of new artwork coming this month!

I’m so excited it is finally summer! For the obvious reasons- it feels nice outside, the sunshine,  my garden is springing to life, and this year- my son will be making his big debut! I’m due July 14 so I’m almosttttttt there. Almost. 

Staying plenty busy until then, we have a lot going on in the candle shop! I cannot wait to share what we’ve been working so hard on. Our candles will all remain dye-free, but we have found some creative new ways to bring gorgeous colors into the mix. We’re also adding a new line unlike anything we’ve ever done before I think you guys will love! 

As many of you know, we have rebranded the candle company to give it a fresh look  and with that, it can be a little tricky launching a new company with a baby on the way. However, this has been a great time to get organized and really get to know ‘my brand.’ Our inventory is completely stocked and everything will be available at The Junk Ranch gift shop my mother owns, and the Wallburg Emporium. Not local? Email orders to

Once autumn rolls around, I’ll be able to pick back up and head to farm sales and other shows to share my candles with you guys on the road! I’ll post my schedule as soon as its nailed down, but I have been talking with hosts and these shows sound so fun! I may have to find my way into other booths for a little shopping of my own! 

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