Collectible Limited Edition Summer Candles

It’s our great pleasure to introduce the newest member to our candle line!
Meet our collectible limited edition summer tumblers. They are a mother-daughter collaboration.
…Erin’s clever idea and Mama Angie’s afternoon with her watercolors for the label art.

Enjoy them for approximately 100 hours of burn time, then simply wash your glass with hot soapy water to remove the remaining soy wax and wick tab. Now you have a summer beverage glass to enjoy the rest of the season! 
We call this our Preppy candle.
 It’s available in two fragrances, Mint Mojito and Fun on the Beach
This is our Boho candle
It’s available in Lavender Chamomile and Tomato Basil
We wanted to test market them a few weeks before we formally introduced them and we can say, they are doing very well. Everyone loves them and we know you will too!
 Remember, they’re limited editions so when they’re gone, they’re gone. The good news is, that the Autumn set will be introduced in September.
They are $24 each and available in our gift shop and The Walburg Emporium. If you’re not a local customer, we’ll be happy to ship them! Please email us your preferences.
Also, if you like the artwork, it’s original and you won’t find it anywhere else! In the gift shop, we have stickers and small prints ready to frame or use as gift cards, etc…
*Please only hand wash your glass. The vinyl label is waterproof but the dishwasher will shorten it’s life! They are removable when you’re ready and won’t leave a mess on your glass. 

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